WAVVES Daisy (You're Welcome 2017)
KELE OKEREKE & OLLY ALEXANDER Grounds for Resentment (Fatherland 2017)
LA SERA High Notes (Music for Listening to Music To 2016)
NICK HEYWARD Just like Sorrow (The Apple Bed 1997)
JONATHAN WILSON Love to Love (Fanfare 2013)
TALL SHIPS Meditations on Loss (Impressions 2017)
KING CREOSOTE Mother Has Your Legs (Greetings From Hamilton, Canada 2017)
VANT Parasite (Dumb Blood 2017)
RAY DAVIES Quiet Life (Absolute Beginners Soundtrack 1986)
JONATHAN RICHMAN Vampiresa Mujer (Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow 2001)