NICK HEYWARD Baby Blue Sky (Woodland Echoes 2017)
SIDE SADDLE Dog in the Night (Single 2017)
20 MINUTE LOOP Mercury Vapor (Songs Praising the Mutant Race 2017)
ALEX THE ASTRONAUT Rockstar City (To whom It May Concern 2017)
LE TROUBLE Sad Blondes (Making Matters Worse 2017)
EAST VILLAGE Strawberry Window (Hotrod Hotel 1994)
SAM DUCKWORTH The Mannequin (The Mannequin 2011)
THE BRILLIANT CORNERS Trust Me (Somebody up There Likes Me 1988)
BOB MOULD Voices in My Head (Patch the Sky 2016)
BONOBO ft BAJKA Walk in the Sky (Days to Come 2006)